Who is the best mixed martial artist in the world?

In this list we honor the 10 fighters with the best records of all time. Hughes' outstanding record, technical fighting skills and the beating of Georges St-Pierre have earned him a well-deserved place in the UFC Hall of Fame.

Who is the best mixed martial artist in the world?

In this list we honor the 10 fighters with the best records of all time. Hughes' outstanding record, technical fighting skills and the beating of Georges St-Pierre have earned him a well-deserved place in the UFC Hall of Fame. As a result of his impeccable and practically invincible professional career, he is widely considered to be one of the best MMA fighters in history. Anderson Silva is widely recognized as one of the best strikers of all time, with a 17-0 streak and 10 wins defending the championship title at the peak of his career.

Pierre, also known as “GSP”, is considered one of the best MMA fighters of all time, and with good reason. Only two opponents have defeated GSP. He fought them again in both cases and won. He dominated for years and won many UFC world titles in several weight categories, including his second belt after a four-year absence from the sport.

Every time a wrestler received a No. Two points were awarded for second place, while third place yielded one point. The final ranking was determined by the total number of points each fighter scored. What Velásquez has achieved to date is nothing more than a drop in the ocean for Fedor Emelianenko, but the current UFC champion is a real threat to one day usurp No.

Currently at his best, he has established himself as the best heavyweight fighter today, convincingly dismissing No. Now operating in the twilight of his career, Nogueira figures the picture as a solid heavyweight, but no longer the caliber of a championship. While more praise is unlikely to come, Big Nog has achieved more than enough to secure the No. As hard as it is to believe that Jon Jones is the best light heavyweight of all time at 26, it's even harder to argue that he doesn't deserve to be recognized as such.

The American has already achieved a lot, and there is a feeling that stars like Mauricio Rua, Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you maintain 205 pounds or eventually jump to heavyweight, your future looks as promising as your past is impressive. Although he was never able to replicate his Pride successes inside the Octagon, his undefeated streak of 17 fights in the Land of the Rising Sun will forever be remembered as one of the most decisive reigns of terror in sports history. But Franklin doesn't lack anything when it comes to accomplishments.

He started his career 14-0, was UFC champion and regularly participated in the best competition there was, doing his best with the challenges presented to him. So while his name isn't likely to appear on many all-time pound-for-pound lists, his work in the middleweight makes him a comfortable choice for No. In addition to winning the Pride title at the age of 185, he also won the award of being the last 205-pound leader of the now defunct promotion. He has a 25-2 record, avenging both defeats.

Few can match the talent, credentials or star power of the Canadian legend. From the beginning of his career to his (supposed) end, St-Pierre was a dangerous and dynamic athlete inside the cage and a perfect gentleman outside of it. Georges St-Pierre's promotion came at the expense of Matt Hughes, who was the best welterweight to put on a pair of gloves before Rush started climbing the ladder. Even so, Hughes sits comfortably at No.

It seems strange not to resist putting a guy with a record of 16-9-2 at No. Although Edgar has a 2-0 record against Penn, his achievements against other competitors don't quite match. However, that's not to say that his only achievements worth mentioning are his triumphs over The Prodigy. In fact, Edgar ascended to the lightweight throne during one of the most competitive periods in the division's history.

In addition to snatching Penn's belt and then defending it from him, Edgar also retained his title twice against Gray Maynard (one win, one draw). And while his time as the best of the 155 was not particularly long, the few losses by decision to Benson Henderson in consecutive title fights demonstrate how close Edgar came to establishing a longer reign. He will seek to recover from a controversial loss to Diego Sanchez against Isaac Vallie-Flagg at UFC 172 in April. The 35-year-old is unlikely to ever regain his former position in the world of MMA, but lately he has performed consistently, suggesting that he hasn't quite finished making his mark.

Regardless of how long Aldo stays with 145, he's the best the featherweight division has ever seen. And it's actually not that close. Time may be running out for Faber's aspirations for the UFC title, but whether it comes or not, it's a clear No. A couple of wins over Urijah Faber mean a lot, but Brown's position at No.

As long as Aldo continues to reject his rivals with 145, Brown is likely to maintain his place here, but it's only a matter of time before someone replaces him. So, Renan Barao has won 32 fights in a row. Impressive, isn't it? Even more impressive is that his five most recent wins have come against stellar competition. And you've made it look easy.

Torres had the unfortunate moment of being the best bantamweight on the planet until interest in the division exploded and the 135 began to receive the recognition they deserve. Torres's skillful submission skills and penchant for letting go of his hands were critical in drawing attention to smaller fighters, specifically the bantamweight division. If I were still as successful as I was five years ago, I would be a big star. Three voting panel members chose to abstain from providing bantamweight ratings.

Benavidite is only 4-2 as a flyweight competitor, but adding that record to his bantamweight workforce makes him a fair candidate for No. With the kind of power not commonly seen in flyweight, an equally powerful fight and a solid game of submission, he has recorded an impressive 19-4 mark in his career. Keep in mind that he spent most of his time fighting at the age of 135 and that he has only lost to Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson, and his statistics look even better. Benavidite will seek to recover from a bad loss to Johnson at UFC 172, where he will face Tim Elliott.

A win would put him back at the heart of the title quest. You don't see as many women racking up knockouts as their male counterparts, but Cyborg is an exception. With 10 knockouts over the course of 13 fights (12 wins), he definitely has stopping power and a lot. The other half of the WMMA game everyone dreams of comes a hair behind Cyborg on this list.

The UFC women's bantamweight champion, Rousey, has done nothing but win and talk since the moment she started practicing mixed martial arts. If the stars align, Rousey will soon challenge Cyborg for No. If you can't directly challenge Cyborg, at least you have the UFC marketing machine, a solid list of potential opponents, and plenty of time to overcome it without a head-to-head fight. Fujii, a submission machine, started his career with 22 consecutive wins.

His first loss came at age 36 and, as with so many older fighters, that meant a rapid fall. Holly Holm is a mixed martial arts artist. A former world boxing champion, Holm currently competes in the UFC and has the distinction of being the first fighter to hold a UFC title and a world boxing title. His victory against Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 is considered one of the biggest surprises in the history of combat sports.

Chael Sonnen is a retired mixed martial artist. He is also a supporter of grappling by submission and a mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst. He began his mixed martial arts career in 1997 and soon became one of the main contenders in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He has also made a few appearances in films.

Perhaps the best non-champion champion in UFC history, Oliveira is still considered the king of 155 pounds, despite losing half a pound of weight last May and being stripped of his title. What did you do the next night in the cage? He introduced Justin Gaethje in the first round for an eleventh consecutive victory and a 19th break in the UFC. Advised to retire from his first title defense due to a knee injury, Francis Ngannou showed better wrestling to beat Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 last January. We are now waiting for the heavyweight champion to recover from knee surgery.

He has only had three fights in the UFC. He has wiped out all three opponents and is the current light heavyweight champion. What a good start to what is recognized as the best promotion in the sport. Prochazka has 13 consecutive wins and a remarkable 97% completion rate on his 20 wins.

He has said that he wants his first title defense to be a rematch against Glover Teixeira. The Deiveson Figueiredo-Brandon Moreno trilogy is 1-1-1, with Figueiredo winning the most recent fight (and the flyweight title) at UFC 270 in January. For the first time in about five years, Valentina Shevchenko looked surmountable in the cage when she faced Taila Santos at UFC 275 and won by split decision. That fight more than doubled his total number of lost rounds (he went from 2 to in his last eight fights).

At 37, he remains at the top of his game. His featherweight opponents at Bellator have given him little trouble, as have most of his other opponents in other promotions in his career. The blow to Harrison was, but who was he fighting? The answer is whoever they put in front of her, and she's knocking them down with 11 strikes, including eight in the first round. With a multifaceted personality, Brock Lesnar has had successful careers in the field of wrestling, mixed martial arts and soccer.

Daniel Cormier is a retired professional mixed martial arts artist and amateur wrestler who was a heavyweight champion for King of the Cage. As testament to the adage of fighting it's not about how many you beat, but who you beat, Penn spent his career mixing the best of his weight class and sometimes divisions above his own had to offer. He loves teaching Karate, Kobudo and Iaido and considers himself a lifelong student seeking self-improvement in both martial arts and character. Not a surprising selection, given that Fedor is regularly cited as one of the best mixed martial arts artists to compete in any division.

Renowned for his speed, his powerful wrestling base and his unorthodox movement, Cruz is one of the most agile competitors in mixed martial arts history. Mixed martial arts range from professional kick boxing to underground fighting clubs, the UFC, Bellator and all kinds of professional competitions on television around the world. In fact, it's hard to present a case against him as the best mixed martial arts artist to ever wear a pair of gloves. Brazilian MMA fighter Royce Gracie, part of the renowned Gracie family of mixed martial arts artists, won the UFC 1, UFC 2 and UFC 4 championships.

Before Zuffa dominated the mixed martial arts landscape almost unopposed, fans loved playing the UFC vs. Dustin Poirier is an American mixed martial arts artist who is currently fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A former mixed martial arts artist, Gina Carano became an actress; she uses her martial arts skills to perform acrobatics in popular action movies. Considered one of the best fighters in the history of MMA, Georges St-Pierre is a former professional mixed martial arts artist.

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