Highland Park shooting at July 4 parade in Illinois

Rainan Lowrey, 19, was in his apartment overlooking the parade route in Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday when he heard gunshots. Lowrey said he didn’t realize they were gunshots at first and thought the noise was from fireworks.   “I saw everyone look confused and then running in terror,” he told CNN. “I’m a photographer and […]

Best cordless stick vacuum in 2022

Today’s cordless stick vacuums are a far cry from their bagged, corded ancestors. They’re compact, lightweight and impressively powerful — powerful enough to tackle most jobs around apartments or smaller homes, even challenging tasks like vacuuming up pet hair. For the past two months, we put seven cordless stick vacuums highly rated by professional reviewers […]

What Drives Your Road Rage? – Chasing Life

The longest trip that I have taken was probably 2,500 miles. That was Fontana, California, to Florida. Dr. Sanjay Gupta 00:00:16 For most of us, driving as a way to get from point A to point B. But for Kayla Chavez, it’s a way of life. I am a truck driver — over the road, […]

Illinois, Colorado and New York primary election results

It is 9 p.m. ET and polls are closing in Colorado, Nebraska and New York. These are the key races in each state: Colorado: There are competitive Republican primaries to take on top statewide-elected Democrats, including Gov. Jared Polis, Secretary of State Jena Griswold and US Sen. Michael Bennet in November. There is a particular […]

Lunya, Caraway and Saje: Product releases this week

There are a ton of great products that drop every week — and we’re here, as always, to keep you up to date on the best of them. Each week, we’ll be rounding up a short list of our favorite product drops from the last seven days for you to shop as you sip your […]

Amazon Prime Day sale: Save on devices right now

You might have heard of a little something called Amazon Prime Day, the e-retailer’s event spanning July 12 and 13, but what you might not have heard is that the deals have already begun. Amazon Prime members are able to scoop up ahead-of-the-sale discounts on items like TVs, Luna game controllers and Fire TV sticks […]

Why Sanjay Almost Changed His Name to Steve – Chasing Life

Dr. Sanjay Gupta 00:00:04 It’s a sunny May afternoon in Manhattan. People are all gathered at Columbus Park in Chinatown for the 2022 Asian American and Pacific Islander Care Fair. There are lunchboxes with Filipino desserts, cute dogs on skateboards and a henna tattoo station. Meanwhile, over at the basketball courts… Self Defense class 00:00:28 […]

Why AirTags are the ultimate traveling companion

The summer travel season is in full force. Planes and hotels are full, travelers are facing long queues, cancellations, massive crowds and plenty of other travel nightmares. But perhaps the most frustrating is when your luggage goes missing. You’ve got to somehow track down your belongings that were in the airline’s care and then wait […]

30 practical Father’s Day gifts he’ll actually use

“Just not another tie!” It’s a common lament heard in early June as Father’s Day approaches and kids big and small ask Dad what he’d like to get on his big day. Ties are the ultimate Father’s Day gift, but frankly, they’re not a very good gift. One thing ties have going for them is […]

24 best men’s swim trunks of 2022: Stylish men’s bathing suits

CNN  —  Summer is nearly here, and all roads are leading us to the water. Whether you’re a regular amphibian or you just prefer to wet your feet, quality swimwear is a seasonal essential (best paired with your year-round essential face sunscreen). From surfer-style board shorts to Olympic Speedos, men’s swimwear comes in a wide […]